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We do a lot of kitchen renovations at Artisan Remodeling. Every kitchen project involves careful thought to the cook, or cooks, in the kitchen. We plan the cabinetry details to reflect how the kitchen will be used and by how many people. Traffic flow is another big consideration when we design a new kitchen, as well as whether the kitchen is used strictly for cooking, or possibly eating and entertaining as well. Kitchen design details should be thoughtfully considered during the planning process to make sure the new kitchen is the right fit for the client, and the home.

This particular kitchen remodeling project is a 107 year old Victorian in dire need of updating. The growing family needed more space to move and cook and this old house (like many) needed a jump start to a new life.

In comes Artisan Remodeling. We removed the old butler pantry to create an open breakfast bar to the dining room. We added a double wall oven for special occasions, as well as a prep area and plenty of storage. The 10’ ceilings were begging for something special, so we created a custom ceiling detail including a marble mosaic “Harvest Wreath” complete with a dozen LED recessed lights.

The overall style was consistent with the original feel while adding an updated look that blended with the original 100 + year old Victorian home.