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How do you make a utility bath a little less “utility” looking? We do it by doing our best to shield certain components in the bathroom from the sightline. In this particular project the client did not want to see the toilet from the adjacent room and wanted to keep the laundry hidden when not in use. The result was dividing walls and half walls for the toilet and sink, and the laundry sink, washer and dryer tucked away behind bi-fold doors. The center floor was pitched the the center drain for proper drainage if needed.

The side area where the chimney was is now a simple set of shelves and the exit for the laundry chute. A small narrow cabinet works as a welcome countertop and much needed storage. The overall composition allows for the door to the utility room to remain open the majority of the time, allowing the natural light from both rooms to mingle and making each space feel larger.

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