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At Artisan Remodeling we really appreciate the finished product, like the bathroom remodeling project pictured. I like to think that the extra little things that we put into our projects may not all be easily noticed, but the their sum makes the project really stand out in the end. The details of our remodeling work make us stand out from our competition and we are not afraid to get up close. Our staff and all of our skilled, licensed subcontractors do whatever it takes to make each project a success.

Bathroom Remodeling Project
Detail of Bathroom Remodel


That brings me to introduce Artisan Remodeling’s lead carpenter, Josh. When he is not lounging on the job he is coming up with great solutions to complex problems and he genuinely cares about each job. It is important to have quality people on the job, and not just as skilled labor. Potential home remodeling clients have to remember that on many projects they will see these guys a lot, so it is important that they are professional, up beat, and all around good people.

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